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  A social media crisis can strike at any time. They can strike without warning, and only without warning. An expected crisis is not a crisis at all as it can be averted before it even begins. A crisis can come in many forms and there's no one size fits all answer. However, here are three questions you can ask yourself to be as prepared as possible.
The Ultimate 5 Tip Guide to Engagement on Facebook Engagement is the key to success and is often difficult to kick start. You scroll through your newsfeed and see your competitor’s content being shared hundreds of times with thousands of likes on each post - but how did they get there?
It’s no secret that Instagram is not a business’s favourite platform for marketing a brand. It’s difficult to schedule posts and gain a big following as users aren’t as likely to repost your content to their personal pages as with Facebook or Twitter.
In January, Youtube announced new functionalities aimed at boosting engagement.
An age of analytics We live in an age of analytics where metrics & data have become common place in our day to day discussions. With the use of the world-wide-web, reaching people all around the globe is simple. But when you start trying to figure out just how many people are viewing the campaign that took so much time & budget spend to produce, this is when it can get tricky. In this article we are going to discuss data analytics & how an organisation can use data to "transform industries", create "new business models" & improve their decision making process.
Eight out of ten small businesses fail within their first eighteen months. That's a terrifying figure. Here's four reasons why it happens so often, and what marketers can do to prevent them.