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Disrupt Digital is slightly obsessed with the HTC VIVE! Here is what we think of gaming & content creation

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The Games

The selection of games available has definitely increased in the past 9 months but we feel the graphics on most of these games still have a way to go. It is really difficult to keep your movement to a minimum when playing certain games. Take (our favourite game) "Arizona Sunshine" for example- all zombies, all the time! Trying to escape a zombie attack with very little lighting can be stressful & lead the player to sudden movements. Unfortunately, the HTC VIVE is not wireless (releasing a version this year!) causing you to get tangled. This is fine if there are people with you but if playing alone this can get kind of tricky. Be warned this game may cause you to actually throw your controller across the room (if you play this & run out of bullets you will understand). Technically you can use the HTC VIVE in any space. This all depends on how far apart you can set the base stations. If you move beyond the set points you will lose graphics & no one wants that! If you want to move a little & get totally wrapped up in the game then you will want to use a bigger room. We found most of the demo's or free games very limited in terms of what you can actually do. We understand that these are just tasters for the actual game but they could definitely improve on the level of action you can take within the demo.

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But the depth of the HTC Vive goes beyond that with applications like Valve’s app ‘The Lab’: a combination of games, travel experiences and science experiments. The purpose of ‘The Lab’ is to help developers and VR enthusiasts understand what’s possible with the HTC Vive through unique experiences using the Vive’s controls and HMD. The Lab is like Valve’s own Nintendo Land for VR; it’s meant to show what the platform is capable of through mini games and experiences, what Valve calls ‘pocket universes’.There are also productivity applications like Virtual Desktop and Envelop VR. Virtual Desktop is already available while Envelop VR is in beta. Virtual Desktop helps fill usability holes that the HTC Vive has in simple VR content viewing. This makes sense because Valve doesn’t try to fill holes by paying for content or creating first-party experiences. Instead, they want to enable developers to make the best applications and to create natural competition and growth within the Steam ecosystem. Their VR Developer Showcase earlier this year made it extremely clear that the event was about the developers and not the Vive or themselves.

Check out out is possible with virtual reality content here. These global brands have really raised the bar! Stay tuned for our own experience with producing virtual reality content!

Here are some images captured of other enjoying the VR experience

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"Build it & they will come". Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Through working with a variety of clients from different industries, we have been fortunate enough to test this theory. Sometimes we all need a little help to get our work seen. If you are a new brand or you are just struggling to "get seen" in a crowded market place, leveraging the following that already exists for an influencer in your industry can have a dynamic effect on your content. 

Virtual reality is one of the latest technologies that brands are trying to wrap their heads around for content marketing. It's exciting, it's new and it's definitely different. For brands that are struggling with old school marketing campaigns and need to step outside the box, VR is a great step in the right direction. It's already a $1 billion industry with brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's and The New York Times investing in providing unique experiences for their customers. So should you invest in virtual reality for your business? And what can you do with it?

The users listed below are best known for Instagram in Italy. ANNA DELLO RUSSO  Born in Bari 1989 she studied for a degreed in Art History. Upon finishing she became fashion editor at Vogue Italia. She has been a fashion editor for six years of Italian Vogue, than for six years sdhe is the editor-in-chief of L'Uomo Vogue. Recently deciding that she wanted to go back to doing photo shoots.