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A common question regarding Instagram for business, has always been 'what is the best time to post?' In a recent post by Later, it was found that over 50% of social media managers said that 7-9pm was the best time-frame for posting. However, every business has a different target audience and therefore not everyone will benefit the same from using the same posting times.

Search giant Google have thrown down the gauntlet and stated that they would prevent fake news reports. This emerged after the debacle that was the last presidential election. For those unaware, last week, Google pledged to fight “fake news” in its search results, yet they have given up no solutions to the problem. It is likely that Google has no way to fix this because how can you fix what the human condition is? The impossibility of restriction in web searches Some theories of how Google will deal with fake news sites include Google returning to only letting vetted sites appear in the "In the news" box. The problem with this "solution" is that as smart as Google is, it can still be uneducated on more sophisticated and refined topics. Google has also proven that it can be lead astray by posts whether on purpose or by accident in the past.…
The national marine fisheries service have officially announced that 9 out the 14 distinct populations of humpback whale have now been taken off the endangered species list. Humpback whales have been classified as an endangered species under the endangered species act since 1970. This is a tremendous effort made possible by the moratorium put in place by the international whaling commission on commercial whaling, which hs been in place since 1982. However, this does not mean every humpback whale is in the clear as out the 5 remaining populations 4 are still endangered and 1 is classified as threatened. “Whales, including the humpback, serve an important role in our marine environment," explained Eileen Sobeck, assistant NOAA administrator for fisheries, in a statement. "Separately managing humpback whale populations that are largely independent of each other allows us to tailor conservation approaches for each population." There is details revealing that along the…
Most of us got in on the Making a Murderer craze late last year, you could throw a stone just about anywhere and likely hit someone playing couch detective to the murder case. Since the show, people have debated all over about the facts, and the outcomes.
Journalism is dying, and it is because of us. Due to the insane levels of media people now consume daily and the lack of interest in paying for it traditional journalism is definitely on the out. This is a tough topic to write about as I am a journalist. The fact that I've only been in the journalism game for about three years and it seems on the out is deeply depressing. But this is not just bad news for me, it's bad news for everyone.
The locals of a small Indian village awoke on Sunday morning to screeching coming from a local well in their village. When the locals investigated they discovered a Leopard had been trapped in a well on the outskirts and was struggling to survive.