What Is Going On With Augmented Reality & Snapchat?

Snapchat is still hanging in there with the release of the new augmented reality action. We are getting flashbacks of Pokemon Go with this but we would love to hear your thoughts on the applications new edition. As the application has just launched today we are sure there are more additions coming soon. This exciting for Snap chat users as well as techy fans! What is it all about? We had been hoping for some gamification elements but for the moment the augmented reality part of the app is used to display artists pieces in certain locations across the globe once you hold your phone up to a specified spot (Pokemon Go!)

Snapchat is not the first company to roll out something like this. The technology comes from a newly developed 'WordLens'. Snapchat attempted to keep this quite by only releasing a teaser but viewers were able to change some preset information to discover the applications addition. What can it do? The addition of the 'WordLens' allows the viewer, once in Snapchat, to use the lens to spot the art that is located in specific areas. To make things easier you can use an indicator that will highlight the art pieces location. As Snapchat provides a Snap Map, we are hoping users will be able to use this to locate the art but, we have not been able to find any source that can confirm this so far.

Little disappointed. It has only just been released but we are feeling a bit disappointed after someone cracked the timer yesterday. We expected a little more usability which we hope comes soon. For the minute there are a limited number of artists work you can see. But for any artists out there, it is an option to sign up to display your art on the app! In April, Facebook attempted to something similar with trendy street art but it kind of flopped. The artwork portrayed was very small and lacked the impact that the giant artwork has for Snapchat. However, this is not the first time there have been allegations of a copycat! The additions we can make to our photos in Snapchat stories are a similar type of technology as the art display above. Snapchat released their version first with critics crying "copycat!"