How do you become a Linkedin influencer?

We have all seen that symbol beside our favourite business leaders names identifying them as an official Linkedin Influencer.' What is it about and more importantly how do you become one? The Linkedin Influencer program is an invite-only initiative that identifies people within a sector that have made the greatest impact. As such you can imagine the positive impact that such a credential could have on your personal brand. Although it is only an invite-only program, Linkedin has said this. The list of Influencers changes throughout the year. We regularly evaluate existing Influencers to include only the most engaged, prolific, and thoughtful contributors and to ensure that their expertise matches our members interests. This leaves the door open for individuals to make the jump to influencer. So how can it be done?

1. Become a Leading Original Content Creator. This seems to be the most important element for the so-called influencers to get right. Become a thought leader in your industry, amaze and excite people with your knowledge, as well as your skill at conveying your message. Focus on your particular niche and don't try to do it all. Do this on a consistent basis with a high enough engagement rate and you are in the running for admittance to the influencer program. Your content can take a number of different forms from intriguing posts to in-depth long articles that offer real value as well as entertainment to your followers. The recent addition of video content for personal pages has added an interesting new dimension to this. Now your audience can get a feel for who you are rather than just your knowledge. This offers new opportunities as well as challenges. Also make sure you interact with those who take the time to engage with your content!

2. Develop your following. Although there is no firm stance on whether this is a factor when it comes to acceptance into the influencer program it becomes clear that almost no influencer has less than a significant following. Building your following in the correct way so as to create an audience of connections which will be interested in and respond to your posts takes time and dedication. As you build your audience your rate of growth will increase making things a little easier but there will be also more demand for content from a larger audience.

3. Use your Real Life Achievements. When the focus is on building your digital presence it is easy to forget the impact that what you are doing on a day to day basis can have. Are you giving a TED talk? Post it exclusively on Linkedin, met with a specific business leader and they gave you one great piece of advice? Share it with your followers. This builds credibility and provides, even more, content for your by now voracious audience.. Share Great Content. This has become one of the easiest ways to fill in gaps in your original content schedule as well as bulking up your output. Offering your followers different opinions, trending topics and stories that give them something different to just your hearing from you all the time and showcases wider knowledge of your subject.

4. Look the Part. Last but not least and ironically the first thing you should do! Make sure your profile is eye-catching, formatted to showcase your skills and experience. If this can't be managed at the very least make sure it is devoid of spelling and grammatical errors!