Why you are killing your Business managing your own Social Media Marketing

After meeting close to 50 potential clients in the last year there is still this disturbing attitude among even established businesses when it comes to social media. It is the belief that because everyone in the company has a social media account that at least half of them are qualified to handle the social media marketing of the business. This then leads to the inevitable first statement 'Donny handles our posting to Facebook why do we need you?' This is our opportunity to prove ourselves and demonstrate our value to the client. The first step is to investigate a little more about what Donny does on a day to day basis. Does he create high-quality content representative of the business? Does he tailor this content specifically for each platform? Does he build targetted social media campaigns and link them with search and email to create a remarketing audience? This line of questioning continues until the realisation comes that they have been missing out on a huge number of ways of growing their business.

There are many companies who have teams producing excellent commercial content and executing it to a high level for their business. Compare this to the number of companies nailing their traditional marketing and you realise there is still a massive gap. The question we always ask is if you had an advertisement that was going to be shown on TV or a feature in a national newspaper what level of resources would your business dedicate to it? Would you have 'Donny from accounts' handling it? Most people have a TV, most people can read, so the social media logic holds? What is the difference in this case? With social media marketing, you have the opportunity to promote your company on platforms with bigger audiences than TV and traditional news media combined. This presents an even greater opportunity when your competitors may be doing an equally poor job to make your company stand out.

Then we get to the question that creates the most difficulty. What do you want to achieve on each platform? This usually exposes a unique lack of direction when it comes to social media marketing that you wouldn't find in other aspects of the business. Establishing your ROI for each social media platform establishes goals and manages expectations. Too many companies have become obsessed with 🙄. This is getting as many people as possible to see their content. This can lead to heavy investment in platforms that aren't even suitable for generating revenue for their particular business. Understanding the audience on each platform and what they are looking to achieve by logging on can help to prevent this reach mentality. Interested in chatting further? Get in touch at david@disruptdigi.com